how to cook yoruba okro soup: 2 ways to do it

how to cook yoruba okro soup

how to cook Yoruba okro soup

  one of the most easy to cook soup in nigeria; even when you are hungry you can quickly prepare it

  most people love it because it is rich in vitamin and slimy in nature, which any one can take, even infant can consume it but you got to cook it in a way infant would be able to take it

  everything would be discussed here in a matter of time and you would be able to prepare your just as you would learn here

  I would also show you two ways you might want to get it prepared

 let's check some terms

okro soup benefits

 okro soup has a lot of benefits which are below

 okro soup helps:

  1. get rid of toxin and cholesterol
  2. control blood sugar
  3. boost your immunity
  4. protects you from developing stomach ulcer
  5. reduces birth defects

okro soup for weight loss

  okro soup also helps in reducing weight; when trying to get that you only have to add small oil 

okro soup recipes

  • some amount of okro
  • cray fish (optional)
  • vegetable oil
  • seasoning 
  • meat/fish (optional)
  • salt
  • locust bean
 still on:

how to cook yoruba okro soup

 okro soup for babies

 if you want to prepare okro soup which you want your infant to consume make sure you remove the bone from the fish to prevent the bone in the fish stocking in the throat

preparation of the okro soup

  put your pot on the heat add some water then bring to boil.

  add the red oil,seasoning,cray fish and other things you desire to add and place it cover

  when it start boiling add your okro and stir,replace back it cover and leave for 5 to 6 minutes

  remove from the heat and wow it is ready to be consume

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